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Local Search Optimization to Boost Your Business Visibility

There are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a small business website. Is yours Google-ready?

The Harvest Firm is a top local search engine marketing company focused on helping small businesses. If you want to work with one of the best local SEO companies, give us a call.

Many businesses have websites that are never seen. That’s a huge problem! But imagine waking up every day to a ringing phone, full store, and inbox full of eager clients without having to lift a finger.

That’s what it’s like when you’re #1 for the services you offer, with a conversion-optimized website and a managed local presence.

After all, if you were a taco shop in Los Angeles, you would probably want to show up for “taco shop” when searching from Los Angeles, which literally hundreds of people are searching for from within Los Angeles each month… right? That’s where Google local SEO comes in.

(This data is directly from Google)

On the other hand, having a website that ranks poorly is like having a brochure that never gets handed out. How are you supposed to get new customers who are searching for you if you can’t be found? Door to door sales? Nobody has time for that.

There are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a local business website in search engines. Is yours Google-ready? Probably not, and it’s not something that is easily learned on a DIY-level.

This is where our managed Local SEO Services for small businesses come in to help boost your business visibility online. We evaluate your industry and geography, review your website and Google My Business listing, benchmark them against your competitors, and then turn them into the leanest, meanest SEO machines possible.


What’s the difference between an investment and an expense? A desk chair can’t get you new customers.

Put your marketing budget towards local SEO and you will rank in organic and local search for the services in your area.


Local SEO plans start at 450 per month. This final pricing is variable depending on your geography, your current website’s optimization, and the competition of your industry.

What you get >>>  

  • End to end in-depth SEO evaluation before beginning
  • Full on-site optimization (On-page factors, images, local factors, etc – read more about our local process below)
  • Proprietary Harvest Firm processes to boost your online authority
  • Full Google+ My Business listing optimization
  • Review strategy consulting
  • Full Google Analytics Evaluation and Implementation (You can’t measure what you can’t manage)
  • FREE Website content updates included
  • A dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 rank tracking dashboard

Getting started >>>

  1. Request a quote (every geography and market is different)
  2. Pick a plan to sign up for and get on board the Harvest Firm train
  3. Provide any needed credentials (your account manager will contact you with everything that is needed)
  4. We begin optimizing your site while you get to drink coffee, refine your sales process, train new employees, or go play golf – whatever you want
  5. Sometimes we’ll need feedback on things like content approvals for updates to your website
  6. Enjoy seeing the rankings increase usually within 1-3 months, and feel the traffic within 3-6 months



Research > Analyze > Implement > Evaluate > Refine

Local search engine optimization is based on what searches people are actually performing in an area. The goal is to identify the best or most profitable queries to make your business show up for, based on what people are actually searching, and then make changes to your website and your overall digital presence to ensure that you show up for this.

Let’s go back to that taco shop example from the top of the page. For a taco shop in Los Angeles, we would do local keyword research using Google’s tools and competitive research to discover what people are searching in the area (taco shops!!), and then make sure to optimize the website for all of those keyword variations.

We have access to data tools that come directly from Google (see screenshot above) which tell us approximately how many people are searching for variations of each phrase each month. So we dig into and evaluate this data, review what the competitors who are already successful have done, and then help you out-do them to rank higher.

Once your rankings have begun improving, we continue monitoring the results and refining the on-page optimization strategy as well as your digital presence strategy. We continue to refine and boost this with on page and off page signals, resulting in total market domination for your business in the long term.


First your rankings will begin to increase. Then you’ll see more traffic coming in. Finally, you’ll feel the impact on your bottom line with more customers, foot traffic, calls, and sales.

Usually we see results on your Google My Business listing very quickly, within 1-2 months. We see organic search results within 1-3 months. As your rankings increase, you’ll begin to see the traffic increase as a result. We can’t control Google so we can’t make guarantees about how fast you’ll see results (and any company that does is lying), but we can tell you we literally never fail to increase rankings as long as you commit to the process and understand that SEO is not an overnight traffic miracle.

The goal of SEO is to increase your visibility in organic search, and we always achieve that because we’re picky about who we work with and we always ask that you mentally commit to 6 months of working together, although we have no contracts. If you don’t want to work with us anymore, we aren’t going to force you to stay! That’s why we aim to keep every client as happy as possible, because that’s what will keep you around.​​


Local SEO isn’t for everybody, and we’re very picky with our clients because we only want to work with people we know we can help. Happy clients = happy business. Here’s how you can qualify for our Local SEO packages:

  • Own an established local business with a proven business model
  • Have an address in the geography you serve
  • Have an established website (or be willing to establish one with us – check out our design services too)
  • Be willing to allow the changes we recommend to the website
  • Allow us exclusive SEO access to the website (only one SEO provider working on the site at a time)
  • Allow us to make code and content updates to the website to fulfill the service
  • Allow us access to other local properties as needed such as Google My Business, Yelp, etc.

In short, SEO helps boost already successful business models long term by using existing market demand; it cannot fix a broken business model. It also can’t be very successful without full implementation.

Why do we set up these requirements? Because it ensures success. We can’t rank you in a city you’re not actually in, we can’t control the outcome if another SEO company is undoing any of the work we’re doing, and we can’t help you if you won’t allow changes to your website.

If you qualify through the above requirements, contact us for a custom marketing quote today!