Landscape Business Marketing & SEO

Marketing your landscaping business online could be a boon for business. Put simply, you could be getting more landscaping design customers from your website with a bit of SEO.

We’re the landscape marketing geniuses to make it happen. How? Because we have years of experience working with home care businesses, so we know exactly what Google is looking for on your website in order to rank you higher and get you in front of more landscaping design customers.

A landscape business can be a hard business to grow, with so many other contractors competing for the same customers. That’s why SEO for landscapers is so important to get your services in front of local customers who are already looking for you.

What’s this mean? In short, your website needs to be optimized with Google’s best practices to make sure you come up for “your city + landscaper”, “your city + landscape design” and the like.

So if this is something you’re struggling with, and you need to market your services to get more landscaping leads online, you’ve come to the right place! We offer unparalleled landscape marketing services to increase the number of landscaping leads you get without having to spend a ton of money on advertising. We are the experts in seo for landscaping businesses and have the case studies to prove it. We can handle your local SEO in a way that is hands-free for you, and help you stand out against the competing companies in your city.

The best part? The results are long term and you don’t have to pay us forever.

What does our SEO marketing for landscapers include?

We always operate in a results-focused manner to make sure we’re doing activities that will get you leads, not just waste time. Our services include:

  • Conversion optimized landscaping websites and website design
  • Landscape business SEO: Search engine optimization to make sure your website shows up when local customers search for the lawn care services you offer
  • Call tracking
  • Social media marketing
  • Review consulting
  • Advertising and PPC suggestions
  • A 24/7 reporting dashboard

All of our contracts are 100% month to month, since we don’t want to lock you into a service you’re not happy with, but we do ask that you commit at least 6 months to working together so that you don’t waste your marketing budget and we don’t waste our time. This is never a problem for our clients, though, as they tend to stay with us for years even once their rankings are high, because we offer such a superior level of marketing for our landscapers!

Why does your local lawn care company need SEO?

If you already have more business than you can handle, you probably don’t. But if you’re like most lawn and garden companies, you need all of the business you can get. SEO is beneficial because it takes advantage of existing consumer demand, because people are already searching for exactly what you offer. (If they’re not, we will tell you we can’t help you!)

If you want to make sure your website can outrank your competitors, there’s a few things you have to do?

  1. Have a website with clean, optimized code that makes it easy for Google to crawl and understand what it’s all about
  2. Have SEO-friendly content that has been crafted to rank specifically for your target terms while simultaneously establishing your company as the landscaping expert in your area so it will convert
  3. Have consistency with your local NAP (name, address, phone number) so Google can understand you are an authoritative, legitimate business
  4. Have local search factors including Google+ Local tied in to provide the right signals to your website (and vice versa)
  5. Have fresh content to support your existing pages
  6. Have the right mix of relevant, authoritative backlinks to make sure you get a boost from all of the above

The Process for our Lawn Care Marketing Plans

We have an extremely effective, optimized process (yes, even our internal business processes are optimized! :P) to get your website rankings improving almost as soon as you come on board. Here are the basics:

  1. Analyze and investigate the current search marketing landscape in your geographic area

  2. Get access to your website and do a full round of on-page optimization based on our initial SEO audit findings

  3. Get access to your Google+ page and optimize it in a manner consistent with the website so they will support each other

  4. Create and publish optimized content on your website to support our work with relevancy

  5. Build off page signals including local citations and backlinks to boost up all of the above

  6. Measure, track, and adjust as needed!

Most of our landscaping clients literally see ranking improvements within weeks.  Google+ Local (the maps area) tends to show ranking improvements first, and then Google organic follows shortly after. After rank improvements get to a certain point, you start to see traffic improvements. And from there, your phone and email inboxes start blowing up!

See Our Search Marketing Results for Landscapers

All of our practices and local SEO processes are driven by real life testing and data, and aimed at getting you results. Please contact us to view our case study of home care business whose traffic we tripled in just a matter of months.

Want to learn more? Schedule a consultation today!