Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce SEO to Rank Higher & Increase Your Digital Sales

There are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking an ecommerce store. Is yours Google-ready?

Many online stores using Magento, Shopify, or Woocommerce have websites that are rarely seen, or aren’t living up to their full potential due to a plethora of potential SEO issues that simply can’t be solved by the average marketing manager. That’s a huge problem. But imagine waking up every day to increased online sales, sale after sale, without having to lift a finger.

That’s what it’s like when you’re #1 for the products you offer, with a conversion-optimized website and a managed ecommerce SEO strategy.

After all, if you’re selling taco shirts, you probably want to show up for “taco shirt” when someone types that search in, since thousands of people are searching for it each month… right?

(This data is directly from Google)

On the other hand, having a website that doesn’t show up for your products is like having a store in the middle of the desert. How are you supposed to get new paying customers if nobody knows where you are? Door to door sales? Nobody has time for that.

There are over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking a ecommerce website in search engines. Is yours Google-ready? Probably not, and implementing all of the required search optimization factors takes a trained eye with years of experience to spot, evaluate, and solve your SEO problems along with your desired search strategy.


What’s the difference between an investment and an expense? A desk chair can’t get you new customers.

Put your marketing budget towards search engine optimization for your ecommerce store, and you’ll be able to rank for the categories and products that you offer.


Ecommerce SEO plans start at 950 per month. This final pricing is variable depending on your platform, your current website’s optimization, and the competition of your industry.

What you get >>>  

  • In depth ecommerce SEO competitive audit with implementation (Shopify, Woocommerce) OR recommendations for your development team (Magento)
  • Full on-site optimization (On-page factors, images, schema markup, site structure, parameter handling, redirects, error handling, etc)
  • Proprietary off-page Harvest Firm backlinking processes to increase authority signals
  • Full Google Analytics Evaluation and Implementation (You can’t measure what you can’t manage)
  • A dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 rank tracking dashboard

Getting started >>>

  1. Request a quote (every niche and platform is different)
  2. Pick a plan to sign up for and get on board the Harvest Firm train
  3. Provide any needed credentials (your account manager will contact you with everything that is needed)
  4. We begin optimizing your site while you get to drink coffee, refine your sales process, search for new products to sell, or go play golf – whatever you want
  5. Sometimes we’ll need feedback on things like content approvals for updates to your website
  6. Enjoy seeing the rankings increase usually within 1-3 months, and feel the traffic within 3-6 months



Research > Analyze > Implement > Evaluate > Refine

Ecommerce SEO is based on what products people are already searching for that we can connect with your existing pages. The goal is to identify the best or most profitable queries to boost for your site, and then make changes to your website and your overall digital presence to ensure that you outdo your competitors’ search strategies and increase your own rankings for profitable keywords.

The primary portion of ecommerce SEO is technical on-page SEO. Because we have years of experience optimizing ecommerce sites, we can quickly see what SEO issues are holding the site back, what site structure would be best for top performance, and quickly implement and refine those changes – or, if you have your own development team, help them to do so.

Once your rankings have begun improving, we continue monitoring the results and refining the on-page optimization strategy as well as your digital presence strategy. We continue to refine and boost this with on page and off page signals, resulting in total market domination for your store across its categories in the long term.



In addition to ongoing SEO plans, we provide the following standalone ecommerce SEO services:

  • In depth technical audits
  • Audit implementation support
  • Keyword research and recommendations
  • Category and product structure recommendations
  • Whitelabel ecommerce SEO



Ecommerce SEO isn’t for everybody, and we’re very picky with our clients because we only want to work with companies we know we can help. Happy clients = happy business. Here’s how you can qualify for our ecommerce SEO services:

  • Own an established ecommerce business with a proven business model that can take on more sales volume
  • Have a minimum budget of 1250/monthly with an understanding that SEO takes time (minimum 6 months)
  • Have an established ecommerce website with functioning checkout
  • Be willing to allow the changes we recommend to the website
  • Allow us exclusive SEO access to the website (only one SEO provider working on or making recommendations for the site at a time)

In short, SEO helps boost already successful ecommerce stores long term by using existing market demand; it cannot fix a broken business model or work without full implementation.

Why do we set up these requirements? Because it ensures success.

If you qualify through the above requirements, contact us for a custom marketing quote today!