SEO Content Marketing Services

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is the practice of creating specifically planned content for your ideal audience to attract them to your business. By publishing content on your website that can be promoted through channels like search engines, social media, and email, you can attract customers who may be interested in your business even if they don’t know they need your services yet.

Content is often included as part of an SEO plan because in addition to creating pages that can attract your ideal client and get you more leads, these pages also help support your main service Pages through internal Lincoln. Once you have strategic topic Pages up, you can then pixel the visitors to retarget them if they don’t convert or become a lead on the first visit. This is why there are many benefits to content marketing for small business.

Which small businesses can a content marketing service help?

The great thing about strategized content is that it can help a wide range of businesses. This service helps all sorts of small businesses – including local businesses, service businesses, and ecommerce websites.

What are the differences?

  • A local business would need SEO content marketing related to their services.
  • An ecommerce website can use content marketing related to their products.

What does a content marketing service include?

A typical content marketing service will include research of related topics to your business, writing and editing the researched and planned topics, publishing of the content on your website, and promotion either through search engines or social media. This can help attract and engage your ideal small business customers.

How does The Harvest Firm do content marketing?

The Harvest Firm uses years of experience in ranking for long tail keywords to help your business rank for topically relevant keywords and support your main target pages. Content marketing is great because you can rank for slightly less competitive keywords, while waiting for your main service pages to rank for those keywords.

Content marketing examples and best practices

One example of a successful content marketing campaign is our Yelp SEO page. This page was planned to ring for Yelp SEO and optimization terms. It now ranks on page one of Google for these terms, and brings in traffic made up of business owners who are interested in growing their business. We know this because of the search intent of the topic. This is the Golden Rule of content marketing. You must target topics that your audience is searching for, and the great thing is they can be similar to the services you offer, without being exactly the same.

Best practices:

  • Create content that is educational and helps your visitor learn or achieve something
  • Make sure your page is pixeled to remarket to non-converters
  • Include lead magnets and calls to action to encourage your visitors to convert
  • Use the content to support other target pages such as your homepage

How can a content marketing service help your small business?

A content marketing service is a great choice for a small business because it can support your main service pages to make those show up higher in search engines, it can establish you as an expert in the eyes of your ideal customer, and it is attracts more users to your business.

Did you know that many customers need to have multiple interactions with a business before they will decide to become a customer? This is why concert marketing is great – it opens up the opportunity for that first interaction with your customer. Sales is all about relationship building and this is one of the many steps that you can choose to begin building relationships with more potential leads, by creating additional pages on your website with relevant topics.

What’s the cost of a content marketing campaign?

Every campaign is different, but pricing for a content marketing service varies depending on the complexity of your industry, the amount of research involved, and the amount of promotion required to cause a new published piece of content to be a success. Budget content marketing for the purpose of only supporting your service pages runs from about $100 to $200 per piece of planned content. Content marketing that will need additional promotion to rank or get in front of more customers will require more budget depending on the industry, target channels, and price of promotions.

If you’re ready to get a custom content marketing quote and discuss the possibilities for attracting more leads to your business website, contact us today.