How To Pick Roofing Keywords For Better SEO

How To Pick Roofing Keywords For Better SEO

Ready to DIY optimize your site to get better Google rankings for your roofing business? If you’re not using our roofing SEO services, you’re going to need to know how to do keyword research.

Here’s a quick and dirty, extremely basic guide to finding your own keywords to SEO your roofing site, using Google’s free Keyword Planned.

1. Write down your services

First, you’re going to need to write down all of the services you offer.

This will include things like roof repair, roof inspections, roof installations, commercial roofing, etc.

Ultimately, you need to have a page for each of these services optimized for rankings, but we’re just starting out with keyword research here.

2. Determine your primary target service area

Next, you need to decide exactly where you want to rank for these services. Your best bet is to rank in your main city that your address is located in to keep it simple.

3. Look up these phrases in Google’s keyword planner

You’re going to go to Google’s Keyword Planner (, enter in your roofing services as keywords, and then change the area to the county that includes your primary services area.

Here is where the magic happens. You need to scroll through this list and find the most buyer-oriented keywords with search volume (don’t worry if it’s 10/month – Google is usually lying, that’s just the minimum you just want to make sure it has!)

Grab all of these keywords and organize them by which service they are under.

4. Work these into your roofing website’s content for better SEO rankings

Here is where it all comes together to improve your rankings.

You want to make sure you can work each of these roofing keywords into your website content on their respective pages and without stuffing.

This blog is just about finding keywords so I can’t teach you everything about optimization all at once, but I can tell you DO NOT keyword stuff, DO NOT use these keywords all over your website (use them on the service page they are relevant to), and combine them with city phrases.

For example, if your keyword is “best roof repair” and your location is Denver, you can add an H tag on your roof repair page that says “Why Choose Us for Denver Roof Repair” etc etc.

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