The Site Gauntlet: SEO Review of a Hollywood Yoga Studio

Hey there! Today is the first of a new SEO-site-review installment we’ll be doing called the site gauntlet. This is just a basic SEO review of websites that need help figuring out how to prioritize the next steps to SEO success. Why am I doing it in a video instead of writing it all out? Well.. it’s just much easier and faster to get all of my ideas out in real time than it is to edit a full blog post. 😉 [...]


How To Pick Roofing Keywords For Better SEO

Ready to DIY optimize your site to get better Google rankings for your roofing business? If you’re not using our roofing SEO services, you’re going to need to know how to do keyword research. Here’s a quick and dirty, extremely basic guide to finding your own keywords to SEO your roofing site, using Google’s free Keyword Planned. 1. Write down your services First, you’re going to need to write down all of the services you offer. This will include things like roof repair, [...]

5 Strategies to Get More Commercial Roofing Leads

5 Ways to Get More Roofing Leads and Customers (Even if you’re lazy)

So, you’ve got your roofing business successfully up and running. CONGRATS! Many time it seems like that’s the hardest part. But now, as each month passes, you’re worried about where your next customers are going to come from (especially if it’s not raining), and you’re thinking… I didn’t sign up to be a marketer!! I understand your frustrations. Many local business owners start out creating a company based on their skills and passions and a gap they see in the market – [...]

Who Needs SEO vs Social Media? Online Marketing for Businesses | The Harvest Firm at

Who Needs SEO? Do YOU? SEO vs Social Media for Businesses

Do you need SEO? What about social media? What are the benefits of SEO vs Social Media for your brand or business? If you’re reading this post, you’ve definitely asked yourself these questions, and you’re also probably somewhat aware that SEO is a bit of a complicated industry. I’m going to answer this question to help you decide in a definitive matter what optimization services can help you… or not. SEO vs Social Media First I want to cover the differences between SEO [...]

Yelp SEO: 5 Tips to Rank Higher on Yelp

5 Tips To Increase Your Yelp SEO

Hey there, business owner! Today you’re going to learn how to optimize your Yelp business page to improve your Yelp rankings in just 5 easy steps. This will help you get on the first page of Yelp. Yes, even Yelp has their own ranking algorithm, and you can do a bit of “Yelp SEO” by playing with some of their ranking factors. So here’s how you can take advantage of it and come up higher to the top when people [...]


5 Steps Every Service Business Can Take to Get More Website Traffic & Sales

Every roofing/plastic surgery/legal/accounting company wants to get more business from their website. After all, that’s the point of having one, right? So what do you do after you’ve published a website (we hope!) and you’re simply not getting the number of clients you thought you’d get from being online? Well, there are a few things you can do to both increase your traffic and increase the number of people that contact you. In fact, all of our marketing plans include [...]


Instantly Boost Rankings With The Perfect Page Title (5 Requirements)

Hi friends, As you’ve probably come to realize, I don’t have a fancy content schedule here like I do for my clients and usually get the inspiration to write based off a client experience that I feel would be helpful for the public to learn from. Today I’m going to talk about how to write the perfect page title and give 5 specific requirements/guidelines that I apparently follow without realizing it, and only now laid it down as a process out [...]


The Problem with Ego-Metrics

Through a few marketing conversations recently, I’ve realized more than ever that the prioritization of ego-metrics is a serious problem. In short, businesses need to focus on metrics that actually matter and make a difference, rather than ego-boosting metrics. A few of these numbers that people mistakenly rely on and prioritize for improvement are: The number of Facebook likes on a page The DA (Domain Authority) of a website in Moz Estimated competition numbers, for example via Spyfu Why Facebook Likes Don’t Matter You don’t own the Facebook platform, [...]


20 No-Brainer Ideas for Advertising Your Small Business in 2017

Let me guess: You set up your business, opened shop, did all the paper work, and even paid for a website.. but people still aren’t coming in? Well, you might have forgotten an important step, or maybe you just didn’t know where to start with it… MARKETING and ADVERTISING! Marketing your small business is the key to all business sales, unless your entire business model is based on impulse buys. With marketing and advertising, the saying that “the early bird gets the [...]


Recent Study Shows SEO Is STILL The Best Way to Get More Traffic (and Money!)

Still on the fence about putting more marketing effort into your business website? If you have a local business or an ecommerce store, this news might change your mind. A recent study of 87 million website sessions has shown that Google organic is still the largest source of online traffic and revenues, providing 43% of traffic on average, and 42% of revenue. (source) This is not to be taken lightly, and it means SEO services are your best bet! Although the study was primarily focused on [...]