Digital Marketing Experts that Care About Helping You Grow

The Harvest Firm, LLC helps you harvest online marketing. We are a national marketing agency dedicated to truly helping businesses grow online. If we don’t think we can help you, we won’t take you as a client. 

We are the SEO company that other SEO companies outsource their client work to.

We don’t try to woo you with snazzy, over-your-head, pretentious wording or data. See how simple this about page is? 

We provide simple, effective, proven marketing through processes that we have developed through years of testing and experience.

About Our Founder:

Hey there, I’m Hannah, and I started The Harvest Firm to help businesses truly succeed online. I used to run someone else’s marketing agency before deciding I wanted to help more businesses, help them better, and do it on my own terms. The Harvest Firm is a location independent business because I believe in the new age of work which can use loyal talent from anywhere in the country and allow people to have healthy work/life balances. Growing up with the internet at my fingertips, and with my entire adult life dedicated to search engine marketing, you can rest assured that I and my staff have the expertise to fulfill your needs.

What we do: We help small to medium sized businesses scale their online presence primarily through search engine marketing and design. We also help with other online marketing strategies such as CRM implementation and email marketing to supplement existing marketing.

Who we help: Local businesses, national service brands, ecommerce stores, and other SEO companies.

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